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3, I was assigned to work in the mi
Nik Lewis time in Calgary may be coming to a close. Cheap NBA Jerseys . The veteran slotback, who has a year left on his contract, tweeted that it may be his last season with the Stampeders. “I must be in the dog house because they told me they wasnt interested in signing me. Looks like Ill be on recruiting visits this yr,” Lewis tweeted. Lewis did say that hell be in camp in the summer as hes under contract. The 32-year-old had last season cut short due to injury. He had 32 catches for 400 yards and three touchdowns in seven games. For his career, Lewis has 768 receptions for 10,873 yards and 65 touchdowns in 10 seasons, all with the Stampeders. Wholesale Pistons Jerseys . It was the first game back in Columbus for Rangers star Rick Nash, the Blue Jackets franchise leader in goals, assists and games. He was given a standing ovation during a video tribute in the first period, but was booed loud and long after a second-period, two-handed shove up high on Columbus goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. Cheap Pistons Jerseys Authentic . Paul George and Darren Collison each scored 17 points and Roy Hibbert added 11 points and nine rebounds for the Pacers (9-3), who won their third straight. . Noah finished with 13 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists in 34 minutes. He was headed for his fourth triple-double of the season, but sat down with about three minutes left because of the lopsided score. Kirk Hinrich scored 19 points for Chicago, going 5 for 6 on 3-pointers, Carlos Boozer added 18 points, D.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at Hello Kerry, Hope you can shed some light on the Dustin Tokarski incident during the Habs-Red Wings game on Sunday. Tokarski took a puck off the mask which apparently dislodged one of the straps on his mask. Although he was frantically motioning to the ref to blow the whistle, play was allowed to continue and the Red Wings eventually scored, ruining his chance for a shutout. It seems like the refs are in a no-win situation there but when the puck, while still in the offensive zone is not being directed toward the goal, shouldnt the play be stopped to allow the goalie to fix his equipment? Randy Trimm Hey Randy: The unbuckled or broken strap on Dustin Tokarskis mask, resulting from a Danny DeKeyser shot, appears to have been a distraction of sorts for the Montreal goalkeeper but it did not compromise his personal safety in any way. The referee correctly allowed play to continue until such time as Montreal either gained possession of the puck; it cleared the end zone or ended up in the back of the net. Even though there was a short time when the puck was not being directed at the goal, Detroit did however maintain control of the puck and sustained continuous pressure in the Montreal end zone finishing with a goal by Riley Sheahan. Rule 9.6 is very clear on the subject as to when the referee should stop play: When a goalkeeper has lost his helmet and/or face mask and his team has control of the puck, the play shall be stopped immediately to allow the goalkeeper the opportunity to regain his helmet and/or face mask. When the opposing team has control of the puck, play shall only be stopped if there is no immediate and impending scoring opportunity. Tokarski did not lose his helmet and/or face mask as cited in the above rule but instead it remained in position and provided normal protection in spite of the unbuckled snap. As a result, it is most reasonable for the referee to judge that a broken strap did not compromise the goalies safety nor shhould it impede the goalkeepers ability to defend his net. Cheap Pistons Jerseys China. Lets suppose that Tokarski grabbed his mask and pulled it off his head and then discarded it to the side to really get the refs attention. Rule 9.6 also goes on to state that when a goalkeeper deliberately removes his helmet and/or face mask to secure a stoppage of play, the Referee shall stop play as outlined (reference to immediate and impending scoring opportunity) and in this case assess the goalkeeper a minor penalty for delaying the game. There is a more cagey way for a goalie to flip his damaged mask off with a series of head shakes and not incur the delay of game penalty. Jonathan Quick of the LA Kings is quite proficient in this area of expertise. When I first signed an NHL contract in 1973, I was assigned to work in the minor professional leagues where I often had the good fortune to travel with team scouts. I learned so much listening to these legendary former NHL players, including Johnny Bower and Lorne Gump Worsley. These two former great goalkeepers played almost all of their careers without a mask. The scars on their face looked like a road map to the back roads of Canada! Johnny and Gump told me of being hit in the face with pucks and sticks but never giving up on the play until they either covered the puck or the referee blew his whistle. They didnt complain about having to stop pucks with their face if necessary, it was just an expect part of their job. These men, along with the others of their time, were a very special breed. Granted it was a different era in the game but there just might be a lesson the current crop of goalkeepers could learn if their strap comes unbuckled—dont stop playing until you hear a whistle blow even if it means stopping the puck with your face(mask)! Johnny Bower is one of the nicest men you could ever meet. Mr. Bower turned 90 years of age on November 8 and was honored by the Toronto Maple Leafs in their game against the NY Rangers. The sellout crowd in the Air Canada Centre serenaded the hockey legend with happy birthday and they didnt stop singing until the whistle blew. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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